[Mpi3-rma] Call for errata

Hubert Ritzdorf Hubert.Ritzdorf at EMEA.NEC.COM
Mon Jan 28 13:04:21 CST 2013


Page 429, Line 41-42 specifies for MPI_Fetch_and_op:

The datatype argument must be a predefined datatype.

I think it should be:

The datatype argument must be a predefined or MPI basic datatype (cf. Section 5.9.2 on page 176).


(*) This would be consistent to the reduce functions and MPI_Compare_and_swap
      and would allow handles returned by MPI_TYPE_CREATE_F90_INTEGER,
      (which are currently excluded since they are not predefined).

(*) MPI_Compare_and_swap accepts handles created by
      MPI_TYPE_CREATE_F90_INTEGER (they are contained in Fortran integer category).

(*) This proposed change support also atomic gets of MPI_WCHAR.

Additionally, on   Page 430, Line 39:
               predefined datatypes
should be replaced by
               basic datatypes
since Section 5.9.2 defines the  MPI basic datatypes and not the predefined
datatypes (which are defined in Tables 3.x).

Ticket 350 (MPI_NO_OP in new accumulate functions, origin buffer arguments are ignored) should also
state that the number of entries transferred is defined by target_count


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To: MPI 3.0 Remote Memory Access working group
Subject: [Mpi3-rma] Call for errata

Hi All,

We are assembling the list of RMA errata to be voted on at the March
meeting.  Currently, we have tickets #347, #348, #350, and #355 (I'm
working on official wording for these changes and will circulate it soon).

Are there any other errata items that should be included on the agenda
for the upcoming meeting?

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