[Mpi3-rma] MPI-3.0 Errata tickets in RMA chapter

Jim Dinan dinan at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jan 9 09:47:30 CST 2013

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for taking the time to look through these tickets.  The RMA WG is 
planning to handle these as MPI-3 errata in the next meeting.  Instead 
of marking this in the ticket title, can we instead add a "type" for 
"MPI 3.0 Errata" (these are currently listed as "Correction to 
standard").  This would make it easier to pick out such items in a query.


On 1/9/13 4:00 AM, Rolf Rabenseifner wrote:
> Jim and all,
> I expect that you may want to handle the tickets
> #347, #348, #350, and #355 as MPI-3.0 errata.
> For this, the most simplest is to add "MPI-3.0 Errata:" at the
> beginning of your ticket title.
> I did this in #345. It passed at the Dec. 2012 meeting.
> You should pass such errata as fast as possible, probably in
> the next meeting.
> I do not know whether ticket #346 is an errata (i.e., clarification
> or correction of a wrong, inconsistent or missing definition)
> or a new feature.
> As usual at the end, I'll put all the errata in a separate section
> in MPI-next, as I did in MPI-3.0 B.1.1.
> Therefore I prefer to have such a clean visibility in the title.
> The method we used in MPI-3.0 was too dangerous (we oversaw them for
> an extremely long time).
> Best regards
> Rolf

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