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Barrett, Brian W bwbarre at sandia.gov
Sun Aug 4 18:33:40 CDT 2013

On 8/4/13 5:16 PM, "Pavan Balaji" <balaji at mcs.anl.gov<mailto:balaji at mcs.anl.gov>> wrote:

On 08/04/2013 06:10 PM, Barrett, Brian W wrote:
I think we have to agree to disagree on that one, in that I really don't
think your example is a it's a common usage model worth destroying
UNIFIED over.  Most one-sided codes I've seen use one-sided ops for
everything in the window, but I haven't seen as many codes as I might like.

FWIW, one case where this became a problem was when we were using
PUT/GET accesses were issued from window memory to window memory.  Even
for PUT/GET accesses, the origin accesses are considered load/store
accesses; only the target accesses are considered RMA accesses.

I'm either parsing your first or second sentence incorrectly.  Are you saying that you're doing a get in which the initiator-side address is in a window and that reading the data after it's arrived is a load and therefore causes problems for separate?  Or are you saying that you believe that puts/gets which move memory within a window are considered loads?

I can see a use case for better supporting the first one.  The second I would believe is a poor interpretation of the spec.


  Brian W. Barrett
  Scalable System Software Group
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