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Comments below:

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 05:16:36PM +0000, Howard Pritchard wrote:
> Chapter 11 review things to fix:
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> 4)  The Window Info section 11.2.7 lists calls that assign info to 
> windows, but it is missing the new creation routines, i.e., 
> should be included in the list that starts with "Hints are specified on 
> a per window basis, in ..."
Correct, I replaced MPI_WIN_CREATE with "window creation functions" to
avoid those problems in the future.

> It would be nice if the latex formatting of the MPI_Get_accumulate
> on page 430.
> It would be nice if the latex formatting of the MPI_Rget_accumulate
> on page 437.
Wow, both of those issues could be due to the long argument lists. Bill,
do you know a fix or do we need a funcdef3 environment?

> Funny formatting also occurring on page 456 lines 13,14 for the table
> of error classes.
Hmm, this seems to be an issue with the \MPIupdate macro :-(. Bill, do
you have any idea?

> Need to review lines 15-19 on page 462 because statement about
> polling on X is not correct in the separate memory model.
They seem fine to me but I may be looking at the wrong lines (I am
working with r1501). Which version did you use?

> The example links on page 465 lines 37 and 41 aren't really correct,
> they're linked to the section numbers not the examples.
I can't find those either. 

I was working off version 1501:

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