[Mpi3-rma] New version of proposal

Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jan 26 13:39:46 CST 2011


I want to point out that the draft that Bill uploaded also contains the 
merged changes from the other proposal, that had been committed into the 
svn (after incorporating Brian's comments) -- so this is actually not a 
minor change compared to the version Torsten uploaded.

I had sent the document to Torsten for initial review, and was not meant 
to be sent out to the entire group yet. But since it's anyway out in the 
open now, please go through it and let me know your comments.


  -- Pavan

On 01/26/2011 09:25 AM, William Gropp wrote:
> I just updated the svn and the wiki with some minor fixes for the
> example index and function index; I also added a comment about the
> info keys accumulate_order (its not listed with the win-create info
> keys).  This is a very minor change from Torsten's version and you
> should only get it if you use the example index.
> Bill
> On Jan 25, 2011, at 10:51 PM, Torsten Hoefler wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I fixed all the things we discussed in the last telecon. Some comments
>> remain in the document. Most of them are simple reminders and trivial.
>> Two comments are things we wanted to discuss via email.
>> Here are the major open issues:
>> - we wanted to discuss the relaxation of the "same op" requirement for
>>   accumulates
>> - we also wanted to add some statements about flush, I will do this
>> asap
>>   (later this week)
>> - I think our examples need careful checks and we might want more (to
>>   demonstrate synch and flush). I'll think about this later this week.
>> - the merge
>> I updated marked and clean version on the Wiki.  Please read the
>> document again carefully.
>> Thanks,
>>   Torsten
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Pavan Balaji

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