[Mpi3-rma] Draft Plenary Presentation for MPI RMA

Torsten Hoefler htor at illinois.edu
Fri Feb 4 17:34:44 CST 2011

Hi all, 

I just uploaded an updated version to the wiki that includes all fixes
discussed here.

>>> On 02/04/2011 01:14 PM, Torsten Hoefler wrote:
>>>>> Slide 27: ARMCI has per-operation non-blocking calls.  Blocking calls
>>>>> and waits give you local completion and only fence gives you remote
>>>>> completion.
>>>> Yes, ARMCI has per operation remote completion which we don't support at
>>>> this point. Proposal 2 had this a while ago but we didn't find a strong
>>>> use-case (as opposed to the per-operation local completion). Added a
>>>> comment.
>>> No, ARMCI doesn't have per operation remote completion; only local
>>> completion. Attached the slides I had distributed earlier about this for
>>> your reference.
>> Ok, I got this impression from our previous discussion. So Jim, what did
>> your comment then mean?
> I meant the same thing as what Pavan wrote, but had a language fail:  
> ARMCI gives per-operation local completion for non-blocking operations.  
> Blocking operations are locally complete when they return.  Bulk remote 
> completion is accomplished through fence.
Ok, this should all be in there.


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