[Mpi3-rma] Updated Proposal 1

Underwood, Keith D keith.d.underwood at intel.com
Wed Dec 8 00:25:40 CST 2010

> > 2) added a discussion about ordering (Section 11.8.2)
> The new discussion is better, but:
> (a) I think the ordering discussion requires some edits to some places
> earlier in the chapter too (see proposal 2).
> (b) Do we know any network (except ones that emulate one-sided
> communication over two-sided messaging) that provide strict ordering?
> As
> far as I know, most networks only provide ordering between PUTs (or
> atomic PUTs). Ordering between GETs is also not provided, unless the
> user does a flush after each GET operation. Is this only for
> convenience?

This ordering mode is what happens for UPC relaxed mode, so, presumably, some networks have some rational way to support it.  Not that I am claiming that supporting that is easy if the network uses end-to-end retransmits for reliability...


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