[Mpi3-rma] draft of a proposal for RMA interfaces

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Excellent questions. 

Technically, yes. However, ARMCI does more thinking about Global Arrays. Particularly because of stride data transfers (multiple stride levels). However, I don't see why we cannot have an alternative port. The only way to know is to prototype the interfaces, implement Global Arrays on top of them and see how the interfaces fare. From superficial thinking, I think they will do just fine ;-). We however cannot say this about all potential implementations. 

I am not sure if Dan Bonachea is a member of this list. I will write him a message if he isn't. 


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> Vinod,
>       Thanks for the proposal and the nice presentation. A question I had
> was does it meet the needs of the Global Arrays library? That is, if this
> were available in MPI today, would you implement Global Arrays with MPI and
> nothing else (not ARMCI). Similarly, it would be good to run it by Dan
> Bonachea and see what he has to say regarding implementing UPC.
> Regards,
> Rajeev
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>> Folks,
>> Attached is a draft of a new proposal for MPI3-RMA interfaces 
>> for your perusal.
>> Thanks,
>> Vinod Tipparaju, ORNL.
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