[MPI3-IO] [EXTERNAL] New MPI-IO routines

Dries Kimpe dkimpe at mcs.anl.gov
Thu May 24 15:28:10 CDT 2012

* Lofstead, Gerald F II <gflofst at sandia.gov> [2012-05-24 20:08:51]:

> I can see the usefulness of this beyond the SWMR case (essentially queue a
> bunch of IO ops in the background and come back when they are all done)
> and wonder is there a broader agenda that should be looked at for this?
> For example, is the non-blocking, but ordered idea something useful for
> messaging as well? Personally, I think so. Given that, is it worth
> exploring this in a broader context to add the non-blocking, ordered style
> to MPI as a whole?

> Other than an explicit queue mechanism to execute these in series, what
> are the complexity problems you envision? It seems really straightforward.

Also, what (if anything) would prevent implementing this on top of MPI,
using existing the MPI_File_iread/iwrite routines?

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