[mpiwg-hybridpm] Meeting Today

Steven Oyanagi sko at cray.com
Mon Sep 22 10:33:45 CDT 2014


Based on Jim’s e-mail, I am going to assume there is *not* going to be a
telecom today.  Please let me know if one does occur.

Jim - can you add your comments below to the corresponding tickets so that
information won’t get lost?

	- Steve

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>Hi All,
>I don't have any items for the agenda today.
>We discussed the endpoints and address space query tickets at the Japan
>meeting.  There were a couple small edits to endpoints, and the feedback
>we received is that the changes are substantial enough to require a
>re-read at the December meeting.  We couldn't
> read it in Japan because the meeting didn't have a quorum.
>The Forum feedback on the address space query ticket is not to pursue at
>this time.  The feedback was that library writers should write more
>robust libraries, and the standard doesn't need to provide a mechanism
>for libraries to detect that they are written
> poorly.  In particular, using communicator attributes to store library
>data and proper locking are the right solutions.
> ~Jim.

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