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#212: MPI3 Hybrid Programming: multiple endpoints per collective, option 5
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                        Type:  Enhancements to standard   |                      Status:  new                    
                    Priority:  Not ready / author rework  |                   Milestone:  2010/01/19 Atlanta, USA
                     Version:  MPI 3.0                    |                    Keywords:                         
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Comment(by dougmill@…):

 The would probably require every agent to periodically call the progress
 engine, even if it is not doing communication. For programs that have
 well-defined/delineated compute/communicate phases this is not too much of
 a problem. For more-asynchronous programs it would be a bit less natural
 to have to periodically make calls into the progress engine - and have the
 frequency of those calls affect the progress of other agents. This might
 be helped by having additional threads which make progress independently
 of the program threads, but that requires more threads (or leaves less
 threads for the computation).

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