[Mpi3-hybridpm] forum meeting in Atlanta

Snir, Marc snir at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 28 21:52:45 CST 2010

I presented the current Hybrid proposal. 

1. Overall, there was agreement to continue in this path -- no opposition was expressed.
2. Arguments were made in favor of preserving MPI_COMM_WORLD to have one endpoint per process, so that existing codes that use MPI_COMM_WORLD will run unchanged. Most people preferred this choice in a straw vote.
3. There were various suggestions for minor changes in various parts of the document -- I plan to incorporate them within a week or two. E.g., memory windows will be endpoint private (since they may use memory associated with the endpoint, when the endpoint correspond to an adapter); requests will be endpoint private; endpoint query functions have to be added; etc.
4. The point was made that we need to discuss the design soon with the UPC/CAF community. Will do that after I clean up the proposal.

I gave a brief presentation on the helper thread idea. Nobody expressed a strong opinion, one way or another. I guess we need to continue evolving it. (I presented only the option of grouping endpoints(.

Marc Snir

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