[mpiwg-ft] Readings / Votes / WG Time in Zurich

Wesley Bland work at wesbland.com
Mon Jul 29 11:01:15 CDT 2019

Hi all,

I believe we’re not planning to have any new readings led by us in Zurich, is that correct? For our WG related items, I plan to submit:

2nd Votes:

Define error/failure behavior in MPI_INIT/FINALIZE
Issue - https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/102
PR - https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/50

Clarify what MPI_SUCCESS guarantees, and what is left undefined when MPI_ERR_XXX happens
Issue - https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/119
PR - https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/95

I don’t think we’re going to have enough attendees to request WG time if I’m correct.


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