[Mpi3-ft] Notes from RTS Plenary session at July 2011 MPI Forum

Joshua Hursey jjhursey at open-mpi.org
Fri Jul 22 11:23:55 CDT 2011

Attached are the notes from the Run-Through Stabilization Plenary sessions at the MPI Forum Meeting this week in Chicago. I would like to thank everyone that helped take notes in the meeting. The attached represents the sum of all of those notes sent both to the list and directly to me.

We received some good feedback from the MPI Forum. They gave us a bunch of things to think about and work through. We anticipated that we would receive a bunch of feedback both small and large. Ultimately this will make the proposal stronger, and better suited for the applications.

Our next scheduled teleconf is 8/3/2011 (2 weeks). If folks would like to meet next week we can. I would like to spend the next teleconf regrouping and talking through some of the suggestions made by the MPI Forum.


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