[Mpi3-ft] EuroMPI Paper - Call for Co-Authors

George R Carr Jr George.Carr at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 15 14:53:46 CDT 2011

Hi Joshua,

I don't think I'll likely contribute enough to be a co-author but I'm 
happy to review.


>As mentioned on the teleconf, I am leading an effort to summarize 
>the Run-Through Stabilization proposal and submit it to EuroMPI 
>2011. The submission deadline is May 8, 2011. The focus of the paper 
>will be on the interfaces and semantic modifications in the 
>Run-Through Stabilization sub-proposal.
>The creation of the current proposals involved a number of people 
>over the years (some of which have disassociated from the group). I 
>would like to recognize the effort of the whole group, but 
>understand that some folks would rather not be identified as a 
>co-author. So I am taking an opt-in strategy to authorship.
>If you have contributed to the fault tolerance working group and 
>wish to be a co-author on this paper, email me (directly, so as not 
>to spam the list) and I will include you as a co-author on the 
>paper. Even if you participated early on in the discussion and less 
>so recently, that is fine.
>Once you email me, I will give you access to the paper repository 
>and the private mailing list. I chose to create a separate, private 
>mailing list so as not to contaminate the potential EuroMPI reviewer 
>pool - something that can occur if we keep discussion on the public 
>list. This is in no way a mechanism to exclude folks, just to 
>protect the reviewer pool.
>So if you would like to be involved in the EuroMPI paper, send me an 
>email (jjhursey -at- open -dash- mpi -dot- org) and I will send you 
>back the necessary details. I am going to start writing on the paper 
>early next week, so please let me know soon.
>Joshua Hursey
>Postdoctoral Research Associate
>Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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