[Mpi3-ft] FT Working Group Teleconf - Canceled

George R Carr Jr George.Carr at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 10 15:49:22 CST 2010

>We were scheduled to have an FT working group teleconf today. 
>However, I am out sick and would like to cancel it today. I think 
>most people could probably use the time back since it is the week 
>before SC.
>Our next meeting will be in CA at the MPI Forum meeting.
>-- Josh

Per our conf call from two weeks ago, I have some usage cases to 
discuss. I would like to discover if your test bed might be enough 
for the simplest case or two. I'm adding/correcting a writeup that I 
will be sending out soon.

There was a question on when the group might be meeting during SC10. 
Please let me know so that I might be there.

George R Carr Jr
U.S. Department of Commerce
Tel: 303-497-4714
Email: George.Carr at noaa.gov

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