[Mpi3-ft] Con call this week

Nathan DeBardeleben ndebard at lanl.gov
Tue Oct 14 09:57:57 CDT 2008

I'm at LACSS this week so I'll miss the telecon.  I'll try and put up 
the LANL use cases we discussed on the last telecon today.

-- Nathan

Nathan DeBardeleben, Ph.D.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
High Performance Computing Systems Integration (HPC-5)
phone: 505-667-3428
email: ndebard at lanl.gov

Richard Graham wrote:
> Just a reminder that we will have our regularly scheduled call this 
> coming Wed.  Call details are:
> Wed - 12-2 pm EDT, 5-7 pm GMT
> US Toll Free number: 877-801-8130
> Toll number: 1-203-692-8690
> Access Code: 1044056
> I think that we are close to competing the discussion of specific use 
> cases, so lets aim to close these off on this call.  Please remember 
> to add your use cases to the wiki, so that we can consider these for 
> the next round.  Noticeably missing contributions are from those 
> interested in building checkpointing libraries on top of a 
> fault-tolerant MPI (i.e., w/o having to change the MPI implementation) 
> - if anyone has contributions along these lines, please speak up.  We 
> have talked about these in the past, but now we need to consolidate 
> the various inputs, so we can proceed in a coherent manner.
> At the forum meeting in a week I would like to have us start working 
> on semantics and an API for support for process fault-tolerance, with 
> the goal to be in position to start prototyping implementations after 
> the Dec. meeting.
> Rich
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