[mpi3-ft] Picking up working group activities

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The proposed time-slot works for me (I'm in the CST timezone).

As discussed (a little) at the MPI Forum meeting, I believe the standard must provide the infrastructure (i.e APIs) for implementations to "enable" FT, but stop short of mandating which specific FT features must be enabled. BTW, a unambiguous definition of FT in the context of MPI is probably the first thing that we need to come up with (this will also help us to scope our efforts).


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I would like to start bi-weekly con calls to discuss Fault Tolerance and dynamic process support  in the context of MPI 3.0.  First, we need to find a time for the telecon that works for most people, so I will start by suggesting that we have the call on Wed's at 11 am EST, starting 1/30/2008.
How does this work for people who plan to be active participants in this work ?

The items I would like to start addressing next week are
 - Does MPI provide FT, or enable FT work ?
 - Do we need more than is available in the current standard ?
 - If so, what are the use-case scenarios that we are aiming to support ?

These seem to be a good starting point for discussions.  If you have a particular use-case you want us to consider in this working group, please write it up and circulate it to on the mailing list at least a day before we meet, to give people a chance to read these over.  Please keep the descriptions high-level, avoiding specific solutions, at this stage.  We will start to discuss specifics once we have defined the scope of the problem that needs to be addressed - if we agree that there is one in the first place.

Same thing for dynamic process support - if you have specific use-case scenarios that are not supported under the current standard, and you would like to have these considered for inclusion in the 3.0 standard, please provide the use cases you would like the group to consider.

We should continue to take input on use case scenarios until the next face-to-face meeting, but the sooner we get these, the more effective we will be in proceeding in a timely manner.


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