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Richard Graham rlgraham at ornl.gov
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On 2/23/08 1:18 AM, "Greg Bronevetsky" <bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov> wrote:

>> Just to follow up, I think that the ³right² thing to do with respect to some
>> sort of
>>  transactional model is to have some sort of standard way to request such
>>  communications take place ­ probably at init time.  We have had such an MPI
>>  implementation running in production for several years on a multi-thousand
>>  process cluster, and the only thing that needs to be exposed to the users is
>> the
>>  ability to turn on/off  the functionality ­ all the rest is taken care of
>> just fine within
>>  the context of the MPI 2.0 standard, and is 100% standard compliant.
> Cool! Can you post the API for this thing? Might be a useful thing to start
> from. Also, its a prototype implementation.
>>> >> There is not new API, would just need to pass some sort of parameter to
>>> MPI_Init().  This
>>> >>  is not the only place this is needed.  If you want to take a look at the
>>> implementation, take
>>> >> a loot at http://public.lanl.gov/lampi
> Rich
>> This does not deal with hints on the network ³state².
> Yeah, I'm not sure if such hints are valuable enough to be included in the
> spec. It really falls under the quality-of-service ideas what we've tossed
> around, so we should write up a proposal for those and see how much QoS people
> really want.
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