[Mpi3-ft] Transactional Messages

Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Sat Feb 23 00:18:26 CST 2008

>Just to follow up, I think that the “right” 
>thing to do with respect to some sort of
>  transactional model is to have some sort of standard way to request such
>  communications take place – probably at init time.  We have had such an MPI
>  implementation running in production for several years on a multi-thousand
>  process cluster, and the only thing that needs 
> to be exposed to the users is the
>  ability to turn on/off  the functionality – 
> all the rest is taken care of just fine within
>  the context of the MPI 2.0 standard, and is 100% standard compliant.
Cool! Can you post the API for this thing? Might 
be a useful thing to start from. Also, its a prototype implementation.

>This does not deal with hints on the network “state”.
Yeah, I'm not sure if such hints are valuable 
enough to be included in the spec. It really 
falls under the quality-of-service ideas what 
we've tossed around, so we should write up a 
proposal for those and see how much QoS people really want.

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