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Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Fri Aug 1 15:52:25 CDT 2008

At 01:19 PM 8/1/2008, Richard Graham wrote:
>On the call today we agreed to start meeting on a weekly basis to accelerate
>progress on the FT issues.  There was a request to move the call from the
>current time of 12-2 EDT to 1-3 EDT (actually, it usually lasts for only an
>hour).  Please let me know if it will work for you, or if it will not work
>for you - I will assume no response as a "am not involved" - so we can see
>if this works for people.  Please send a response by COB Monday, 8/4, so we
>can schedule next week's (8/8) call.

Either time works for me.

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