[MPIWG Fortran] inline in C and C++

Craig Rasmussen rasmus at cas.uoregon.edu
Mon May 19 13:18:56 CDT 2014

Hi Nick,

I saw your recent post to the MPI Fortran working group.  I recently ran into a problem with some code I was trying to compile on my new Mac Pro.  Apple's compiler now by default follow the latest C standard (2011 I think?).  So I was running into warning's that suggested the C codes usage of inline wouldn't be treated the same as the GNU compiler.  Since it wasn't my code I had no idea what the original programmers intended so I compiled the code using flags for standard GNU usage.

Can you explain the difference between inline for C and C++?  I have this sinking feeling that neither C nor C++ does what I intuitively want it to do.  I've been using inline in C++ for a couple of years but now and I'm pondering using it in C.

Are you going to the Las Vegas WG5 meeting?  I will be going.  In the future, I'm going to try and hit all of the WG5 meetings and start to pick up on some of the J3 meetings.  I have a little bit of funding at the University of Oregon that I can spend on this.


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