[MPIWG Fortran] Draft MPI-3 Errata

Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Sat Sep 21 11:45:38 CDT 2013

Dear Bill,

thank you for your fast integration.
The following small corrections are needed:

  Please substitute "to several declarations. Those must also be removed." 
  by "to a routine declaration. This change is now removed."

  - I tried to always say that the removal of BIND(C) is only 
    in "routine" declarations. The BIND(C) handles and status 
    type in mpi_f08 stay BIND(C).
  - It was only MPI_Comm_create_group() - i.e., one routine.
    In all other routines in the old errata, the original MPI-3.0 
    had already the BIND(C), i.e., it was not added by the old errata.
  - The note is about a previous errata document.
    The second sentence should tell, that in the current version,
    this bug is removed: "This change is now removed."

  Please change "specific procedure" into "linker".

Reason: The "old text" you saw, was already MPI-3.0 + ticket 388,
        And not the really existing MPI-3.0 text.
        My apologies for this confusion.

p3:17-23 - Please remove, because already part of p2:11-25.
p4:29-35 - Please remove, because already part of p2:11-25.

p5:33-39 - Please remove, because already part of p2:11-25.

p18:5 - Please remove the word "SUBROUTINE". 
        (The upper case Routine Name is okay, 
         because it is a callback "constant".)

p18:21 - Please remove the word "SUBROUTINE". 

p18:1-28 - Please move it to the end of the errata.
           (due to the errata are sorted by location).

Best regards

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> Subject: [MPIWG Fortran] Draft MPI-3 Errata
> Because it is so extensive and some of the items in the errata were
> superseded by this errata, I'd like to have the Fortran WG review the
> errata before I post it. Let me know if there are any errors to
> correct.
> Note that the use of page numbers (which I have always felt was a
> mistake) leads to some misleading pointers, since the relevant
> material in section 17.1.5 is not on the first page of that section.
> Rather than correct that here, I'll recommend eliminating the use of
> page references in the text for MPI 3.1 and later.
> Bill
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