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Lionel, Steve steve.lionel at intel.com
Thu Jun 4 13:06:24 CDT 2009

For publication in the document, even though I included "import" in the code I sent, I would remove it here. It distracts from the documentation, though it would be included in the actual module along with interface/end interface.


<type>, dimension(*), intent(IN) :: BUF

Would have to be replaced with something real.  In the distant future, perhaps TYPE(*) would be available for this, but not now.  Most vendors do have an extension to disregard type and shape checking for arguments in an interface, but maybe not all do. It could be documented as <any type and shape> (without the dimension(*)) with a note that the actual mechanics of this are implementation-specific.  I know there is a modest argument against using C_PTR here because of the language's restriction that the argument of C_LOC be interoperable.

Coming up with other "kind" values for some of the arguments might also be in order.  If all you're looking for is formatting issues, then this doesn't matter.

Steve Lionel
Intel Developer Support
Nashua, NH

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I've made up some examples of how to list the Fortran bindings in the MPI spec based on the feedback I asked for a week or two ago.  I want to show these examples to the Forum, but before I do, can you all check them for correctness?

Page 1: the existing bindings as they appear in the existing spec Page 2: one version of the listing of new forms of bindings Page 3: another version of the listing of new forms of bindings

Pages 2 and 3 should have the same content, but slightly different Latex formatting.


Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems

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