[MPI3 Fortran] Should new features be retrofitted to Fortran 77 bindings?

Craig Rasmussen crasmussen at newmexicoconsortium.org
Fri Dec 11 14:25:38 CST 2009

Jeff raised an interesting question with me.  Should new features that are being considered for MPI-3 be retrofitted if possible for Fortran 77 codes?  Some users might say yes as they never intend to use modern Fortran features.  On the other hand, F77 is over 30 years old and so perhaps we should move on and not put support (money) into adding new features.

The new Fortran MPI-3 bindings will allow users to link to codes using F77 bindings so if users want new bindings they only have
to use MPI3 locally.


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