[MPI3 Fortran] What if Fortran is the primary interface?

Hubert Ritzdorf ritzdorf at it.neclab.eu
Mon Mar 17 13:54:16 CDT 2008

Hi Alexander,

Jeff and Torsten are right. We have special implementations
for frequently used Fortran functions. But this Fortran MPI
functions are implemented in C.

I think, that it will be difficult to convince real Fortran programmers
by this C interface. They have to re-write main parts of the code.
change it from Fortran Style into C Style and what is the benefit ?

I have an additional question. Is this really guaranteed by the
Fortran 2003 standard that

type, bind(C) :: MPI_HANDLE
  private  ! Components not visible
  type(C_PTR) :: HANDLE
  end type MPI_HANDLE

type, bind(C) :: MPI_COMM
  type(MPI_HANDLE) :: handle
  end type MPI_COMM

type(MPI_COMM), bind(C), protected :: MPI_COMM_WORLD

err = MPI_Recv (..., ..., MPI_COMM_WORLD, ...) 

in the same C Pointer such as the MPI_Comm MPI_COMM_WORLD ?
My feeling is that it points to a structure containing the C pointer


Supalov, Alexander wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> It appears to me that the current proposal basically intends to pass
> data thru to the presumably existing C implementation layer. How will
> this work for an implementation where the Fortran binding is a primary
> one?
> I believe that at least NEC has followed this route. I'm adding Hubert
> Ritzdorf, in case he's accidentally not involved into this discussion
> yet, to verify NEC's position.
> Best regards.
> Alexander 
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