[mpi3-coll] Additional edits 2

Torsten Hoefler htor at cs.indiana.edu
Wed Feb 11 01:35:32 CST 2009

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 10:19:23AM -0800, Adam Moody wrote:
> Also against revision 3.
> I'd like to make the language in the descriptions for the data movement  
> collectives consistent across the different collectives.  The text skips  
> around with several different flavors.  Personally, I like this template  
> best:
>    "MPI_Ixxx starts a nonblocking variant of MPI_Xxx.  The data movement 
> after MPI_Ixxx completes is identical to the data movement after MPI_Xxx 
> completes (see Section 5.Y)."
> This would apply to bcast, gather, gatherv, scatter, scatterv,  
> allgather, allgatherv, alltoall, alltoallv, and alltoallw.  We could add  
> mention of inter- and intra-communicators here if folks would like to,  
> but I like the simplicity of the above template myself -- leave all  
> description up to the corresponding blocking section and provide a back  
> reference.
yes, we will certainly find a single template - however, I'd like to
discuss this tomorrow.

> Of couse, for the reductions: reduce, allreduce, reduce_scatter, scan,  
> and exscan; we still need more discussion on what "delivers the same  
> results" mean in the current description since the blocking and  
> nonblocking operations may use different algorithms and we have the  
> associativity issue.
yes, clearly - also up for discussion tomorrow!

-> updated agenda


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