[mpi3-coll] Non-blocking Collectives Proposal Draft

Torsten Hoefler htor at cs.indiana.edu
Thu Oct 16 16:15:07 CDT 2008

Hello Alexander,

> Thank you. The pt2pt progress comment below was taken into account when
> you removed the nonblocking collective progress description.
ah, ok - so I think a reference to the chapter should be sufficient.

> As for the example, if it is legal, we should probably count the
> blocking operations as well when we decide how many simultaneous ops are
> to be supported.
yes, maybe. I am not sure but this could be an issue. It's on the agenda

> Why "if" above: I'm not sure what a delayed nonblocking barrier would
> mean for process 1. Won't one process possibly block somewhere? Can you
> explain this please?
the barriers will only block in the respective MPI_Wait() (or a tight
MPI_Test() loop). But the operation can be initiated as soon as the
critical region is left (and there mihgt be some other independent
computation to do).

> The format matter is complicated. I think it is worth discussing at the
> Forum as we're likely to have more and more proposals approaching the
> final stage, when editing them in PDF format will become an issue.
yes, it's on the WG agenda - maybe we should discuss this in the whole


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