[Mpi3-abi] Open MPI and ABI

Jeff Brown jeffb at [hidden]
Mon Sep 15 12:08:53 CDT 2008


Ralph was not aware of the background of the ABI effort (he is now) 
when you spoke to him, and that this is a desired capability from the 
LANL user community.  As for committing resources, that's tbd.  We 
may be able to put some effort into the proof of concept morph layer 
we discussed in Dublin.  I suspect Ralph was referring to mods to 
OpenMPI internals to comply with whatever becomes the ABI 
spec.  Ralph can certainly speak for LANL in that regard.  I can 
imagine that could be a big effort and I understand the sensitivities.

As this ABI thing is getting pretty heated, I want to put LANL 
participation in perspective.  When we polled LANL users prior to the 
start of the forum several user items mapped nicely into the ABI 
effort.  LANL did not initiate this effort but supports it as it 
addresses several of our user requests, so we joined the working 
group.  The group requested a somewhat impartial third party 
organization (i.e. not an implementor) to lead the group.  We offered 
to serve as WG lead as a means to get better engaged in the forum and 
make a contribution.  It would be incorrect to say that LANL is 
"driving" this effort.  Our role is more sheparding or facilitating.

As you can imagine, LANL is a big place and communication is often 
less than perfect  :>)


At 10:58 AM 9/12/2008, Jeff Squyres wrote:
>I told the group in Dublin that I would check with the Open MPI
>community to see who wanted to work on the Linux side of the 6- 
>function ABI proof of concept with our colleagues at Intel MPI.
>Unfortunately, it seems like no one is interested or has the resources
>to commit.  :-(
>I got feedback through the LANL Open MPI rep that LANL won't be
>committing resources to this effort, either, but perhaps Jeff Brown
>can double check this (I know there are many more groups at LANL than
>just the team with the Open MPI developer).
>Jeff Squyres
>Cisco Systems
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