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Martin Schulz schulzm at in.tum.de
Sun May 14 14:15:48 CDT 2023

Hi all,


Just has a heads-up, as our next voting meeting is coming up quickly (due to our compacted schedule for MPI 4.1) – we will meet virtually July 10-13, in the usual timeslots from 9am-1pm US CT. The agenda is being already formed at (feel free to send items rather earlier than later):




Note, the deadline for announcing ballots is: June 26th (2 weeks prior). Please note, that this will be the last chance (assuming we stick to our schedule) to announce any 2nd votes or erratas to make it into MPI 4.1. The following voting meeting will already be during EuroMPI in Bristol and we are planning to make this the release candidate meeting with the complete review of the standard.


In order to prepare for this meeting, we still have the chance to have several virtual meetings in order clarify text before the June 26 deadline. Currently, we only have one slot scheduled:


June 7th: discussion of pending erratas (Rolf)

    #705 Errata: Fortran has only compile-time constants    Rolf,Joseph

    #710 Errata: 'Pending communication' not defined in MPI_Comm_disconnect    Rolf

    #676 Errata: 'Pending operation' not defined, pending proper definition    Rolf,Joseph


If there are any further requests for virtual meetings, please let me of Wesley know. Unless there a specific requests or other changes in schedule, I am planning to use the June 14th slot to discuss any pending items on the github project boards to make sure we don’t miss anything before the deadline.










Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz, Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems

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Member of the Board of Directors at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

Email: schulzm at in.tum.de


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