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Martin Schulz schulzm at in.tum.de
Sat May 28 07:01:06 CDT 2022

Hi all,


As mentioned during the forum meeting, we should start thinking about the timeline for MPI 4.1. Our goal was to produce a relatively quick turn-around version of the standard, with a big focus on clean-up and fixed terminology and only minor technical additions. While we have made good progress in this direction, several important items are still outstanding. I would like to use the September meeting to make a final collection of these items and with that start fixing a timeline that we can plan with (keep in mind, we need several voting meetings before the last idea being read and when a standard can be ratified).


To enable this, it would be helpful if each working group and chapter committee could provide a list of items they still consider outstanding and needed for MPI 4.1. Also I would like everyone to take a look at the MPI 4.1 project board at 




and check whether you have items there and whether they are still in the MPI 4.1 range.


I would like to get a preliminary assessment on this by mid July, so we can have a first discussion at the July 20th virtual meeting. I hope this gives enough time – please let me know if you have questions or concerns!






PS: Please also check the chapter committee membership, which is listed on the MPI 4.1 page of the forum website. If would like to make any changes or sign up for particular CCs, please let me know. Thanks!



Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz, Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems

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