[Mpi-forum] Next Virtual MPI Forum Meeting Next Week - Request for MPI 4.1 issues/topics

Gropp, William D wgropp at illinois.edu
Thu Jul 22 10:22:28 CDT 2021

I’ve been looking at modernizing and simplifying some of the LaTeX for managing the document. These do result in some changes to the appearance, which I’d like to discuss to see if this is the direction the MPI Forum would like.  The biggest change is in line numbering (the numbers along the side of the page). There is a nice LaTeX package for numbering lines of text, and it is pretty accurate - numbers are aligned with the text, not off some fraction as happens with the current number “ruler”. But a disadvantage is that *only* lines are numbered - figures (and their captions) aren’t numbered (or have just one number, depending on exactly how they are done), and the nice boxes around the examples also prevent numbering, so I replaced those with simpler horizontal rules in the samples.  I’ve attached examples to show what this looks like.


William Gropp
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Hi all,

As mentioned last week, we'll pick up our Virtual MPI Forum Meetings again next week on July 21st.

As for the 21st: I would like to use the meeting to set up a (at least preliminary) goal-line for MPI 4.1 - we had several open items from the 4.0 process (and before), which will be the starting point. If there are any particular items you think we should address as part of a "clean up" or "minor functionality" please either send them to me and I will collect them or add them to the system as a blank ticket with the MPI 4.1 tag. Next week we'll consolidate the list and decide how we approach this.



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