[Mpi-forum] Next Virtual MPI Forum Meeting Next Week - Request for MPI 4.1 issues/topics

Guillaume Mercier guillaume.mercier at u-bordeaux.fr
Wed Jul 21 03:54:47 CDT 2021

Hello Martin,

Sorry to answer your message so late.
There are a couple of things I'd like to address for 4.1

1- all the clean-up stuff w.r.t (now) chapter 7, as I presented during
my reading in the last ratification meeting. This include (see attached

* Add process topology functions that create communicators to the
various lists throughout the chapter
-> Issue #497, PR yet to create

* Remove/improve text for callback-copy functions
-> Issue #496, PR yet to create

* Improve semantic index
-> Issue #237, PR yet to create

* Library examples to reformat
-> Issue #229 (continued), PR yet to create

* Process → MPI Process where relevant
-> Issue #??? → PR#590

* Fix incorrect usage of ranks/tasks/etc
-> Issue #474 → PR#566

2- I'd like to resurrect issue #154 (A new function to query hardware
resource names, https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/154 )
with PR#143.
If you recall, people were OK with this in Albuquerque on the substance
but not on the interface. Using an MPI-defined new datastruct as a
parameter was suggested. That's was I should have done a while ago
and that is to be proposed. 4.1 seems a good target but I might be wrong
on this.

I'll do my best to attend today's meeting but I will have to
leave for a while because of another engagement that I can't postpone
nor defer.


On 7/14/21 3:42 PM, Martin Schulz via mpi-forum wrote:
> Hi all,
> As mentioned last week, we'll pick up our Virtual MPI Forum Meetings again next week on July 21st. 
> As for the 21st: I would like to use the meeting to set up a (at least preliminary) goal-line for MPI 4.1 - we had several open items from the 4.0 process (and before), which will be the starting point. If there are any particular items you think we should address as part of a "clean up" or "minor functionality" please either send them to me and I will collect them or add them to the system as a blank ticket with the MPI 4.1 tag. Next week we'll consolidate the list and decide how we approach this.
> Thanks!
> Martin
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