[Mpi-forum] June 2020 MPI Forum Meeting Registration

Wesley Bland work at wesbland.com
Tue May 12 13:50:39 CDT 2020

Hi all,

Now that the meeting in June is official an exceptional virtual meeting, the registration page is now open here:

https://forms.gle/Cr7zengLT9qiWzd78 <https://forms.gle/Cr7zengLT9qiWzd78> 

As with the meeting last week, registration is still required even though there is no registration fee and may be done up to the time of the first voting block.

The logistics, agenda, and all of the other usual information is available on the website:

https://www.mpi-forum.org/meetings/ <https://www.mpi-forum.org/meetings/> 

Note that while the current meeting times start and end times are accurate, the times for individual items are placeholders (including the voting block) and are subject to the whims of our distinguished leader. :) You can probably start sending your reading/vote/plenary requests to him to start filling that out more accurately.

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