[Mpi-forum] Reminder: MPI Forum (virtual voting) meeting Today (Monday) - Wednesday

Martin Schulz schulzm at in.tum.de
Mon Jun 29 01:49:29 CDT 2020

Hi all,

Just as a reminder, we will have our next full (voting) MPI Forum meeting starting today until Wednesday. We will meet at 9am Central time and the forum is scheduled to last for 3 hours each day. The agenda and the Webex links are at the usual place.

We will only do plenary meetings, but we do have a lot of ground to cover (in particular many erratas and a few last big tickets for MPI 4.0). The order on the agenda should be roughly correct, but we will adjust as needed to make sure we get the critical things done.

Thanks and talk to you later today!


Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz, Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems
Department of Informatics, TU-Munich, Boltzmannstraße 3, D-85748 Garching
Member of the Board of Directors at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)
Email: schulzm at in.tum.de

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