[Mpi-forum] Reading for MPI issue #51: Deprecate MPI_SIZEOF in MPI-4.0

Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) jsquyres at cisco.com
Mon May 21 12:40:08 CDT 2018

There will be a (re)reading of issue #51 (deprecate MPI_SIZEOF Fortran interface).  This issue was actually read about 2 years ago and had strong support in the Forum (straw vote of 25-0-2 in favor), but a) there were a few ticket 0 changes during the reading, and b) we let the issue drop and never actually voted on it.

It's been so long that it should just be read again to refresh everyone's memory.

I have rebased the PDF on the top of the mpi-3.1 branch.  It will be read again at the upcoming Austin meeting.

Here's the issue:


Jeff Squyres
jsquyres at cisco.com

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