[Mpi-forum] Proposed Update the MPI Forum Rules

Steven Oyanagi sko at cray.com
Mon Apr 13 10:16:29 CDT 2015


A possibly dumb question, but one that needs clarification for those of us
who were not at the March MPI Forum meeting.  The new voting rules propose
a +IBw-Release Candidate Meeting (RCM)+IB0- and a +IBw-Final Ratification Meeting+IB0-.
For MPI-3.1, is the March meeting considered to be the +IBw-Release Candidate+IB0-
meeting and we are on track to have final ratification of MPI-3.1 in June,
or will June be the RCM and final ratification would occur in September?
	- Steve

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+AD4-Hi all,
+AD4-As discussed at the last forum meeting, Jeff and I drafted an updated
+AD4-version of the MPI rules/voting document that we want to propose to the
+AD4-MPI forum and that, if accepted, is intended to cover the MPI 3.1
+AD4-ratification. The document is attached and all
+AD4- changes compared to the previous document are marked in red. The idea
+AD4-was to basically write up the process we followed at the last meeting and
+AD4-that most seemed to like. Questions and comments are, of course, welcome
+AD4gEw- our intent is to publish a final version
+AD4- with comments included by May 4th, i.e., 4 weeks before the June forum,
+AD4-and then put this document up for a vote at the meeting.
+AD4-Martin Schulz, schulzm+AEA-llnl.gov, http://scalability.llnl.gov/
+AD4-CASC +AEA- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA

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