[Mpi-forum] BigMPI: MPI_Count support for communication functions

Jeff Hammond jeff.science at gmail.com
Fri May 2 16:52:25 CDT 2014

In reference to https://github.com/jeffhammond/BigMPI...

# TL;DNR version:

I have implemented large-count wrappers for p2p, bcast,
(all){gather,scatter}, alltoall and rma, which are the most obvious
functions where large-count support would be useful.

This is very much a work-in-progress and the unit tests are
incomplete.  However, I want some people to critique it before I get
too far along.

# Technical details and associated commentary/background:

Background: The Forum declined to add functions in MPI-3 to support
large counts, instead encouraging users to work around the INT_MAX
limitation of C int counts with datatypes and providing the minimum
required functionality (i.e. datatype query functions) to make this

Motivation: Users don't like it when the Forum punts on things like
this (e.g. http://gentryx.de/news_the_troubling_state_of_MPI.html).
Apparently Pavan told some Europeans that I was going to solve this
and so I had no choice but to defend my honor and actually finish that

Interface: The API follows the pattern of MPI_Type_size_x w.r.t.
"s/int/MPI_Count/" for the count type, but where I use MPIX since
these functions are non-standard.  Currently I support only C but
Fortran is on the TODO list.

Limitations: Even though MPI_Count might be 128b, I am only supporting
64b counts (because of MPI_Aint limitations and desire to use size_t
in my unit tests), so BigMPI is not going to solve your problem if you
want to communicate more than 8 EiB of data in a single message.  If
you have more than 8 EiB of memory and a 1+ PiB/s interconnect in your
system, please let me know so that I can use it :-)

Supported Functions: I believe that p2p, rma and bcast are the only
functions worth supporting but I added some other collectives anyways.
 The other collectives clearly aren't scalable because they are going
to move O(nproc*count) data, which is obviously a lot of memory in the
case of e.g. allgather of >2GiB for more than a few dozen procs.  The
v-collectives are a pain because I have to duplicate the count vector,
so I will not support these unless >1 users claim it is necessary.
The w-collectives have always been ridiculous and I will not support
them unless paid in real money to do it.

# Technical details

does the heavy lifting.  It's pretty obvious how it works.  Pavan
tells me that the datatypes engine will turn this into a contiguous
datatype internally and thus it will be efficient.  MPI
implementations need to be count-safe for this to work, but they need
to be count-safe period if the Forum is serious about datatypes being
the solution rather than MPI_Count everywhere.

All of the communication functions follow the same pattern, which is
clearly seen in MPIX_Send_x at the top of
I've optimized for the common case of count<2^31 with a likely_if
macro (because you clearly care about latency if your app ships around
>2GiB payloads...).

The most obvious optimization I can see doing is to implement
MPIX_Type_contiguous_x using internals of MPICH and possibly some
other implementation instead of calling eight MPI datatype functions.
I already started working on MPIX_Type_contiguous_x in MPICH anyways
and will try to get that upstream in the near future.  I don't know
enough OpenMPI guts to do that one right now but I'm sure somebody
involved in that project can figure it out in short order.

# Feedback and such

I would really appreciate people telling me everything that I am doing
wrong w.r.t. BigMPI (but not other things - there just isn't enough
time :-) ).

Please also help me prioritize further development (other than a
complete set of unit tests) by telling me features are missing.  And
of course, let me know if the design is stupid or the implementation
is buggy.

While email works great, I am much more susceptible to developer shame
if you file bug reports and feature requests on Github

Finally, please feel free to use the Github fork button and/or git-format-patch.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You need to undefine BIGMPI_MAX_INT in src/Makefile
and test/bigmpi/Makefile to do serious testing.  I set this value
artificially low to make for productive debugging and this is what is
committed right now.

# Future Work

There is a large potential user base if I provide a Fortran 77/90
interface that works with -i8 (or equivalent).  I do not care about
satisfying the PMPI requirements here and will just drop from MPIX
Fortran into the MPIX C functions.

BigMPI does not do a great job of error checking, particularly to
confirm the implementation is count-safe.  I will add those soon.

Obviously, I need to finish the unit tests.  And so far, I have only
run them with an artificial INT_MAX of 10^6 because my laptop becomes
unresponsive if I allocate 4GB.  I need to hope on a workstation and
do proper >2^31 count testing.  I apologize in advance if you beat me
to this and find obvious bugs.

The docs aren't complete but that's high on the priority list.

# Humorous addendum

Please, please refer to this as THE solution for Big Data w.r.t. MPI.
I totally love Big Data hype.

My proposed title for the Jeff Squyres Cisco blog post on this is "You
can haz moar counts!" :-)

# Conclusion

Anyways, thanks in advance for any feedback.  And a big thank you to
Pavan for preliminary discussions and Andreas Schäfer for blog-shaming
me into working on BigMPI again.



Jeff Hammond
jeff.science at gmail.com

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