[Mpi-forum] MPI Forum voting rules: new version

Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Thu Jan 17 05:02:11 CST 2013

Here is a list of small change requests/proposals:

Page 3, one can read:
  Here is the description of the process for 
  updating the MPI standard for MPI-3.
Please change "MPI-3" 
into "the next version of the MPI standard"

Page 4, one can read
  This formal reading requires also the make reviewchangeonlydoc pdf
  file, which has identical text content as the final document, but all
  changes since MPI-2.2 are still colored.
Please change "since MPI-2.2" 
into "since the current official version of MPI".

Page 5, one can read:
  SVN Revision 691 is identical to the MPI-3.0 Draft 
  document from Nov. 12, 2010.
but should read
  SVN Revision 1627 is identical to the final MPI-3.0 document
  from Sep. 21, 2012 (it includes late changes that are part
  of the official document as it is on the web (and printed)). 
  Revision 1627 still includes all change-macros.
  The basis for next MPI will be a cleaned SVN revision, i.e., 
  without all these change-macros. 
  This cleaned version does not yet exist. 

Page 8, 5. (c) reads:
  (c) The organization had at least one of its 
  representatives physically present at any time during 
  that specific physical MPI Forum meeting. 
The wording "any time" seems to be not intended.
It may be substituted by:
  (c) The organization started to have at least one of its 
  representatives physically present at
  that specific physical MPI Forum meeting. 


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> We had a very good discussion about the proposed MPI Forum voting
> rules at the meeting in December.
> Attached is a new version of the document from me/Brian/Martin with
> all the feedback from the December meeting: changes are listed in red.
> The biggest change is that we added a chapter 3: Suggestions for
> Voters. It's a 1-page bullet list of things that people voting should
> take into account when voting on proposals. We also moved the concept
> of time limits on proposals to this chapter (so time limits are now no
> longer binding -- they're just a suggestion).
> Please let us know your feedback on this document.
> Martin: can we get some time to discuss / vote on this document next
> meeting?
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