[Mpi-forum] Meeting schedule for 2013

Mohamad Chaarawi chaarawi at hdfgroup.org
Wed Sep 26 11:28:49 CDT 2012

Hi Rich,

On 9/26/2012 10:30 AM, Richard Graham wrote:
> Therefore, I propose to keep the European meeting of the Forum in 
> conjunction with EuroMPI, and every other year also have a meeting in 
> Japan.  With this in mind, here is the proposed schedule for 2012

The majority at the last meeting in Chicago were against having 2 
meetings internationally. We had several votes on different formations 
(4-0, 3-1, and 2-2), and 3-1 was the majority vote.

It would have been fair to have a similar vote in Europe and see how the 
participants vote..
Did the attendance at the Vienna meeting vote on a different schedule, 
or is your change coming from just some concerns (which are also valid) 
from some people?

Can we have a formal organizational Vote by eligible organizations on 
this instead of just scheduling meetings based on suggestions that vary 
from meeting to meeting?
This vote can be done over the phone.


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