[Mpi-forum] Notes on discussions about 3.0 / 3.1?

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Did anyone take any notes on the following two agenda items from the meeting this past week:

- MPI 3.1 - initial plans
[rich] Not much discussion at this stage.  The one thing I do remember is that we started to discuss voting, given that we are moving to a format of meeting once a quarter.  One of the things suggested was that we have a day in  between meetings for voting, doing this over the phone, but with attendance at the regular meetings continuing to determine voting elegibility.

- MPI 3.0 - Draft standard
[rich] (1)  Push to get all the voted in tickets into the draft standard by JUNE 15th.  This requires ticket owners and chapter committees to work together.  Chapter authors that don't participate would be replaced by others that will help get the revised text into the draft standard. (2) The July Chicago meeting will be devoted solely for getting the draft standard into final form.  Last second votes will take place on Monday, with the rest of the time dedicated to chapter committee work.  (3) The draft standard will be posted for public comment after the meeting, giving people time to comment before the final votes in Vienna.


I wasn't at the meeting, but would love to hear what the general discussion was around these two topics.


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