[Mpi-forum] ticket 273

Mohamad Chaarawi chaarawi at hdfgroup.org
Wed May 30 14:34:44 CDT 2012

Hi All,

I'm still trying to figure out why ticket 273 was voted down. At the 
last meeting, I would say there was a consensus that the non blocking 
collective I/O ticket (273) was ready to be voted in. Nobody expressed 
an objection after me removing the shared file pointer nbc routines and 
re-reading the draft. All the I/O chapter committee reviewed the draft 
and commented on the ticket that it looks good.

At the Japan meeting, we get 8 yes , 2 nos, and 6 abstains, which under 
the new rules marks the ticket as failed.
None from our organization could attend the meeting to really understand 
what the 2 no votes were for, and why 6 organizations abstained.
If the abstains are because people don't care or don't understand what 
is being voted on or missed the vote (which are the reasons why I vote 
abstain), then the new voting rule doesn't really make sense. If the 
abstains where for something else, then the votes should be NO. So could 
someone mention why this was voted down?


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