[Mpi-forum] Chapter Reviews

Adam T. Moody moody20 at llnl.gov
Thu Jul 19 11:36:34 CDT 2012

I'm available to read a chapter.  What's the most recent pdf to use?

Also, it seems that even "make cleandoc" is failing on r1472.

Richard Graham wrote:

>We are currently doing chapter reviews for the forum – all tickets are committed and reviewed.  If anyone has changes to make please coordinate this morning (Thursday 7/19/2012 – Chicago time) with the person who is doing the review.  After these are done, responsibility will revert to the chapter committees.  I will send out a separate note on the timelines we agreed to yesterday, but in a nutshell, all changes must be completed and reviewed by Thursday 7/26/2012, 5pm Pacific time, so that we can prepare a draft version to be posted for comment.
>If someone remote would like to take the responsibility for an unclaimed chapter, please let me know.
>Chapter               Reviewer
>Front Matter   Mohamad
>Chap 1                Brian B.
>Chap 2                Scott
>Chap 3                 Anh
>Chap 4        Terry
>Chap 5        Nathan
>Chap 6        Darius
>Chap 7        Shinji
>Chap 8        Pavan
>Chap 9        Howard   - done
>Chap 10      Hideyuki
>Chap 11      Howard
>Chap 12      Brian S.
>Chap 13      Brian S.
>Chap 14      Rich
>Chap 15
>Chap 16
>Chap 17
>Appendix A
>Appendix B     Jeff/Rolf
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