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Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
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Yes, you should not have to dig through tickets to find the changes that should be made - it is really the author's responsibility to do so.  However, when it comes to the ptp chapter at least, few have done this (some have been very good at this), so for the sake of getting the doc out, have gone and looked through tickets to see if I can figure out if it impacts my chapter.  The reason the spreadsheet I sent out was so opaque is that I did not have time to go through each ticket and figure out what chapters they impact - ticket authors were asked to provide this information.

As for 182 - it is a very nicely documented ticket, and I checked - your chapters are not impacted.


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I think your question is mis-phrased as it requires me to dredge through tickets and see if they impact the EI and Tools chapters. I have implemented every ticket that I have been notified affects them.

For a sampling, yes, 266 is done in the tools chapter; the Fortran changes were implemented by Rolf (and subsequently verified); tickets that Fab owns are all implemented as far as I know since he was good about notifying as soon as they passed (sampling deeper, I beleive 140 has no changes for EI or tools while 265 was implemented in EI but has no changes for tools. My search for MPI 3.0 tickets does not return 182...


On Mon, 2 Jul 2012, Richard Graham wrote:

> So, 140, 182, 204, 207., 229, 255, 265, and 266 are all done ?
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> Rich:
> I am not exactly certain how to read your spreadsheet but my understanding is that all tickets that affect EI and tools have been completed in those chapters.
> Bronis
> On Mon, 2 Jul 2012, Richard Graham wrote:
>> Attached is the latest version of the tickets that have been voted into the 3.0 draft standard, and what I think their status is.  Please send in updates to this.  At this stage the doc is too out of sync to drop a draft standard.  PLEASE let me know if you will be putting in your chapter changes this week, so we can find someone else to apply the changes.  The datatype chapter should be done this coming weekend, but I don't know about the rest.
>> Thanks,
>> Rich

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