[Mpi-forum] New Ticket 0 Changes to Tools Chapter (fwd)

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Wed Jul 4 11:06:04 CDT 2012


I am sending this email for those not on the Tools Chapter Committee
in case anyone else is interested in viewing these beforehand.


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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 09:04:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bronis R. de Supinski <bronis at llnl.gov>
To: Tools Chapter Committee <chap-prof at mpi-forum.org>
Subject: New Ticket 0 Changes to Tools Chapter


I have made several ticket 0 changes to the Tools chapter.
Please look these over (search for "ticket0-new" in the
attached PDF, which can also be obtained from the
mpi-3.0-minutiae branch}. We will discuss in Chicago.
Some changes (either in verbatim text or in Table 14.5)
could not be annotated due to the limitations of the
MPIreplace macro. They are identified by comments in
the various tex files.

Plese let me know if you have questions. Thanks,

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