[Mpi-forum] make check is busted!

Fab Tillier ftillier at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 30 16:07:45 CST 2012

Hey Folks,

Is it reasonable for me to expect that building the examples in the standard wouldn't generate a bunch of errors?  Do we build the examples before publishing drafts, etc?

Just running 'make check' on the approved/MPI-3.0 branch gives me a bunch of errors, in the following files:
- chap-one-side/one-side-2.tex
- chap-context/context.tex
- chap-coll/coll.tex
- chap-binding/binding-2.tex
- chap-topol/topol.tex
- chap-prof/prof.tex

Can the chapter owners figure out how to either fix or suppress these errors?  It makes it really hard to find errors I may have introduced - the signal to noise ratio is really lousy.  Alternatively, is there a 'correct' way of running 'make check' that won't generate these?  I ran autoconf in mpicompilechk, then configure.  Should I be specifying extra parameters or anything?


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