[Mpi-forum] Responses to comments on the draft standard

Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Thu Aug 23 10:57:22 CDT 2012

Just to make sure all are on the same page.  Not all chapter authors and committee members have subscribed to the comments mailing list, so I have been forwarding comments to the chair of the relevant wg's.  As far as responses go, the repo is locked down now, with only Bill, Jeff, and myself having write access - any changes need to come through us.

With respect to proposed changes, chapter committees can go ahead and make such changes w/o consulting the full forum.  Beyond that, changes should either be deferred to MPI-next, if they clearly define/redefine things in the standard, or discussed over this mailing list.

In either  case, please let me know how you decide to proceed, so we can keep track of things for MPI-next, and can make sure we have responded to all the requests.

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