[Mpi-forum] Updating the draft standard document

Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Tue Apr 17 13:48:24 CDT 2012

Just a reminder that ticket owners are responsible for working with the each chapter committee to get the changes voted into the standard include in the draft standard document.  E-mail lists have been setup for each of the chapter working groups to handle the logistics associate with such changes.  The chapter "author"s all have the e-mail list information, and should be adding wg members to these lists.

A few reminders:

-          Only changes that have passed the required 2 votes (or those ticket 0 changes that have been made AND voted in) may go into the draft standard

-          Chapter author may either commit the changes, or delegate this responsibility to someone else

-          When you run into issues that arise because of the order in which tickets are voted in, please work with the chapter committees to resolve these.  These can be voted on in the final chapter votes.  This assumes that two tickets are not in conflict with each other, but if they are, these will need to come back for a broader discussion (not aware of any such items).

Please remember that the goal is to have a final vote on MPI 3.0 in Sept in Vienna.

I hope I am not forgetting things,
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