[Mpi-forum] Agenda for the May 2012 MPI Forum meeting

Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Wed Apr 4 08:07:14 CDT 2012

I have started to populate the agenda for the May meeting.  Note: we are schedule to start at 10 am on Monday.
IMPORTANT: I moved ALL the tickets that have passed the first reading to a first vote.  IF you do NOT want these coming up to a first vote at the meeting, please let me know, and I will remove them from the list.

I moved all tickets that passed a first vote to a second vote, pending any needed implementation.  I expect those that will provide an implementation for the first time will also require some time discussion, to answer questions that people may have, before a vote proceeds.  If you are NOT ready for a 2nd vote at this meeting, please let me know, and we can postpone these.

Just a reminder - tickets that do not make it through the 1st vote will not make it into MPI 3.0.

Please let me know if

-          You want to have a formal reading

-          You want plenary time

-          You want working group time.  At this stage I scheduled time for the 2 working groups that will need some time - FT and Collectives.  I am rather sure that at that other WG, such as the tools WG and the Persistence WG, will also want some time, but was not sure.
Finally, if you send e-mail to my ORNL account, I will not receive it.  E-mail does not seem to be bouncing from this account, but I have not had access to it for about three weeks, so if you sent anything to me at that account, I have not (and will not) seen it.  You can send email to at Mellanox, to richardg.

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