[Mpi-forum] how to get MPI::Exception behavior from C bindings?

Jeff Hammond jhammond at alcf.anl.gov
Tue Nov 1 16:18:49 CDT 2011

Can someone explain how one can migrate (backwards) from the C++ to
the C bindings if they currently use MPI::Exception in a try-catch
block like this:

        try {
        catch (const MPI::Exception& e) {
            error("caught an MPI exception");

This is taken from MADNESS, btw.

I think it is only fair for those who want to kill the C++ bindings to
provide a clear description of how this will not break existing codes
that use C++ bindings.  Clearly, many things, e.g. MPI::BYTE ->
MPI_BYTE, are trivial, but I see error handling as being fundamentally



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